16 Point Check

Every guitar you buy from One Man Band has undergone a rigorous 16-point inspection and setup procedure - no guitar plays optimally out of the box, so buying from us means you don't have to pay to do work yourself, and gives you the peace of mind that it will arrive at your door with no faults or imperfections.

Our 16 point check includes:

1. Initial out-of the-box inspection for damage
2. Initial play test for physical or electrical faults
3. Paint-bleed and general finish check
4. Standard set-up including: 
4a. Playing action check in standard E tuning
4b. Relevant adjustment of neck with truss rod
4c. Relevant adjustment of bridge/sanding of saddle (acoustic)
4d. Relevant adjustment or reseating/cutting of nut
4e. Alignment of pickup height to optimal range (electric)
4f. Intonation check at open and 12th fret (octave) position
4g. Tightening of screws and fittings (pickup covers/strap button/machine heads, etc.)
5. Final play test
6. Clean and polish to enhance and protect finish
7. Conditioning of fretboard 
8. Re-packing in original box with additional layer of packaging
9. In-box motion check (to ensure parcel stability in transit)

No-one likes surprises, so buy with the peace of mind that you have us on your side.