Yamaha P Series

Yamaha P Series

Yamaha P Series Digital Pianos

The P Series consists of four models: the Yamaha P45, Yamaha P121, Yamaha P125 and the Yamaha P515.

The ‘P’ in Yamaha P series stands for ‘portable’. Yamaha P Series pianos are designed to be lightweight enough to transport easily but retain the touch and sound of a traditional piano.

The Yamaha P Series is ideal for live performers and also very compact so suitable for small spaces like bedrooms, offices etc.

Which Piano Should I Buy?

Each Yamaha P Series model has been designed to suit a variety of budgets, though all will provide a realistic playing experience with a full-length, fully-weighted, full-size 88-note keyboard.

As you progress through the range, the P series offers an increasing number of user features (i.e. voices, rhythm, recording capabilities), as well as a significant increase in the quality of the speakers and the sound engine within the instrument, resulting in a progressively better sound as you move up the range.

The P45 is popular among those looking for the least-expensive solution for practice, the P121 and P125 offer much better sound, additional voices (and even some rhythms), as well as a better control interface, and the P515 is the flagship P series piano, essentially offering the same technology as a Yamaha CLP635 digital piano in a portable format, with wooden keys.

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