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The Yamaha E360 has 61-keys, and is an entry-level Portable Keyboard (Great for beginners to start learning to play with). The keyboard has an expressive touch-sensitive keyboard action with sophisticated functions and designed to enhance your living space.

There are:

  • 400 high-quality Voices, and 130 auto accompaniment Styles
  • 112 Songs and an easy Song Book (available via web download)
  • Nine-step lesson function (Yamaha Education Suite)
  • Recording function
  • AUX IN jack for connecting an external audio source
  • Master EQ / Ultra Wide Stereo
  • Duo Mode
  • Compact and portable design
  • Battery operation (AAx6)

Touch-sensitive keys

The Yamaha E360 Keyboard has Touch-sensitive keys allowing expressive dynamic control. If you play the keys heavily and you’ll get louder tones, and if you play softly you can achieve quieter sounds. The touch-sensitive keyboard will accurately reflect every nuance of your playing, and therefore enable your performances to be musically expressive.

Sound on the Yamaha E360 Keyboard

The better an instrument sounds, the more it inspires us. Yamaha has a proud history of manufacturing just about every kind of musical instrument, and when it comes to reproducing the sound of these instruments in a keyboard the results are detailed and high-quality. The keyboard really does sound fantastic!


On-board lessons support learning to play.

3-step lesson – Listening, Timing and Waiting modes are available for each hand, or both hands together. Lessons use the on-board Songs to help build your skills. Then, use the simple recording function to capture and listen to your performance.


Play along with your favourite songs on the Yamaha E360 Keyboard! Connect your portable music player to hear your favourite music through the instrument’s speakers. When you play along and you will feel like you have joined the band! This really is a fantastic feature.


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