Yamaha UDWL01 USB wireless LAN adaptor


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The UD-WL01 is a USB wireless LAN adaptor that allows you connect your musical instrument to an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and enjoy a range of Yamaha iOS Applications.

Connect your musical instrument to a wireless router with ease

WPS(Wi-Fi Protected Setup™) allows quick and easy setup and connection.
1:Insert UD-WL01 into USB TO DEVICE jack of your instrument.
2:Press and hold the WPS button on UD-WL01 for 3 seconds.
3:Press the WPS button on your wireless router.
*If your wireless router is not WPS-capable, please refer to the connection manual in the support tab.

Compatible Instruments

CLP-635/645/675/685/695GP/665GP/535/545/575/585/(565GP*with updated firmware) – (excluding CLP-525)





[With firmware update]

MOTIF XF6/7/8 (Ver.1.50 or later)


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