Yamaha CLP645 Clavinova Demonstration | Showroom Live highlights

Authentic Wooden Keys & Great sound without breaking the bank


Yesterday we shared a Showroom LIVE Highlights video of Isaac demonstrating the CLP645. The CLP 645 has real wooden keys which feel very different and more authenic to play compared to the synthetic keys which can be found on the 635, for example.

The CLP645 also has support for Bluetooth which makes it perfect for those that like to play along to their favorite tunes as they play live from their phone, laptop or tablet.

Finally, You also have a much bigger sound because the 645 features 4x 25W amps to push what you’re playing even further and make it sound even better.

You can purchase the CLP-645 from our website here.

So where does there CLP-645 fit in with the rest of the CLP 600 range? Luckily Chis has made video comparisons to help you understand.

Yamaha CLP635 vs CLP645 Clavinova digital piano comparison review Yamaha Clavinova CLP645 vs CLP675 comparison review
Catch the full Showroom Live Episode here: Or watch the CLP645 in action in the highlight video here:


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